How is my playdough made? All ingredients are natural, and are scented with essential oils. Our playdough gets it lovely colours from food safe colours.

What happens if the playdough is accidentally eaten by little mouths? Whilst our playdough is safe, we do suggest keeping it for play only and not eating! Don’t worry if your little has a nibble, it won’t harm them!

Shipping we currently only ship to Australia. Sorry, hopefully one day this will change!

Is my playdough custom made or off the shelf? Your playdough will be made at the time your order is received, unique to you and fresh.  Please therefore allow 5 days for your order to be shipped.

How do I care for my playdough? The tins that your playdough comes gifted in is the best way to store it, in a cool, dry place. Your playdough is likely to have a shelf life of approximately 6 months if the recommended care is followed. Ensure your playdough is kept sealed when not in use. If you do notice it has started to dry a little if it has been left out, knead with your hands, or even add some sunflower oil - the smallest amount will do.

Can I return my items or request a refund? As your playdough is made to order, and can perish, we are not able to offer returns or cancellations. Should you have any issues with your order, please contact us. 

Can I discuss wholesale? We would love to discuss how we could work together! Please email